Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby

 In recent years, the two terms “ sugar daddy” and “ sugar baby” becomes more and more popular no matter on the website or the daily life. Even so, a lot of people don’t know what do them mean. So the question is what are the “sugar daddy” and “sugar baby”?

  1. what’s  the sugar daddy.

In the U.S, with the rising in university tuition and increasing unemployment, a lot of young people about 20 years old are suffered blow. They can not afford the cost of living,so after graduation they must go back home and live with their parents. What's worse they have to bear lots of debt after graduation.
All above are  reasons why the Sugar Daddy becomes popular. Sugar Daddy are  successful person in their fields, they are all wealthy and successful. Sugar Daddy  help the young people solve economic problems and tell them how to be successful. What's more important is that Sugar Daddy make the young girls live better. In return Sugar Daddy will have a impress experience and a good relationship with the young girls.

  1. what’s the sugar baby

In recent years, as the employment pressure increases, it's more difficult to get a job for more and more graduates of girls. So they have to face the truth that they must go back home to live with their parents to reduce their expenses after graduation.
But there are some college students making an exception. They have a lot of money, drive a expensive car, dress beautiful clothes, what's more had went through a free college. What's the reason? Because they choose to be a sugar baby. I think there will be many questions when you hear the term called sugar baby: what's the sugar baby? Why do they live a better life than general girls? Because they have fond their sugar daddy. Sugar daddy pay for their college, give them money to buy whatever they want, or introduce them a good job and so on.  
How to be a sugar daddy or sugar baby
If you want to be a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, there are some tips for you.
Respect your companion 
As a sugar daddy or sugar baby, you should try your best to respect your companion. You should respect them about everything. And if either of you want to make a exit, just exit and let him or her go. Once it happens, there should be no contact between you any more. 
Keep a good relationship
You should keep a good relationship with your companion. Obviously, if you are  a sugar daddy, you are older than your sugar baby, so you can treat her as your small sister or sweet honey to establish harmonious relationship. Chat with her, date with her, try your best to help her to keep a good relationship between you.
Not only for sex
More and more sugar daddies seek sugar baby for sex. From where i stand it's not only wrong but it brings great harm to sugar baby, because they get nothing in return. What's more it hurts sugar baby's soul. That sounds terrible. As a qualified sugar daddy, you should reduce her economic pressure, have depth conversations with her, know what she wants, not only for sex.
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