Story from a sugarbaby

Hello, my name is Diana, 20 years old, the next story is my own personal experience about freesugarbaby and datingsugardaddy, and i hope my story can help the girls who are in trouble with money and love.

I am an American, living in a small town in Louisiana, my parents divorced when i was 7 years old. Since then I lived with my mother. When I was a student, I was pretty good, and last year I was admitted to Louisiana State University with honors. It was something that was worthy of everyone being happy, but the high tuition made me and my mother feel embarrassed. So many years my mother has been a single person, never thought to find a stepfather for me. It was not easy for my mother to keep me for about 20 years.

Last year, my mother borrowed a sum of money from her friend and paid my tuition of first year in the university. But I know that these money is not enough. So from the first year of college I began to use free time to do part-time. Daytime class, do part-time at night. At the beginning I did two part-time jobs, One was a tutor, from 7 pm to 9 pm every night. Another part-time job was a waiter in a bar , although the wages are not very high, but were already enough for my own normal living expenses, While also reduced the pressure of my mother.

it had lasted for more than one year like these days until my classmate told me to be a sexy sugarbaby to find a wealthy sugardaddy. I was very confused about that, i said is there only one things between sugardaddy and sugarbaby called sex? She said no! There are money and true love between sugardaddy and sugarbaby, too. So that you will not only become so tired, maybe you can also meet your Mr.right. Then my classmates recommended two dating sites to me, named and

I tried to register as members on these two websites. What amazing things happened after i costed some money to become a gold member was that i met my sugardaddy Jack. Jack is 45 yrs, works in a software company in Louisiana as a software engineer. We have a happy online chat, and after some times, we began our first truly dating in a coffee-shop and fell in love with each other. We kept a good relation ship with each other. During the daytime, i have my class, he works and we always date at night. He paid for my tuition, bought me clothes and sent me a car. We love each other very much. We will get married and hope we can be together forever.

This is my story about my sugardaddy, thx and my wealthy sugardaddy Jack. Thx for changing my life. I hope that the girls with the same dilemma will act quickly, maybe your sugardaddy is on your side.