How to inpress your sugar daddy or sugar baby

Three tips for sguar baby

Twisted ass
It’s completely without resistance for rich men to see a sexy woman twists her big ass when she is walking. So i think as a sugar baby needs a sugar daddy you should pay your attention to twist your ass when you walk in order to attract your rich sugar daddy.

Bite the lips
Some sugar baby are very irritable when they can not help but bite their lips, this action will make rich men feel very excited. Especially active slowly will be very sexy.
Shake your hair
It’s often saw that the hair sometimes up and sometimes down in the shampoo ads , it shows that this action attracts men especillly wich men very much. And it’s the best there is a shampoo smell in your hair when you shake your hair.

Three tips for sugar daddy

Pay the bill with alacrity
If a sugar daddy in the face of paying the bill when deliberately pick up the phone or go to the toilet, it shows that this sugar daddy is stingy. I believe that all most rich man are prepared for paying the bii when having dinner with your sugar baby or sexy women. Since it’s prepared, so why not be generous and simply refreshing it?

Tie your tie when you are in front of the mirror
Face the mirror, pull their own tie carefully. Let your sugar baby feel that you are a cute and handsonme man.

Keep smilling
You should keep smilling whatever you are doing now. Drinking , reading, eating and so on. When your sugar baby or sexy woman says hello to you, you should give her a response with your smilling, because this action can impress her deeply. So, keep smilling.