Story from a sugarbaby

The topic about "sugar daddy dating" is more and mor popular now, so what’s the “sugar daddy dating”? It’s almost a dating about rich man and sexy young woman who meet with each other on the online daiting website like freesugarbaby. Know each other is the first step, dating with eath other is the second step. When you have a date with your sugar-partner at the first time, what are the prohibitions you should know?

Be late
I think the most important thing is that you should be on time when you begin your first dating time with your sugar daddy or your sugar baby. Being late gives your the other half a bad impression. On time means a good starting, so this is top 1 prohibition ahout sugar daddy dating.

Strange smell
No matter you are a sugardaddy or a sugarbaby, i think there shouldn’t be some strange smell on your body. So you should spray perfume on your body before your dating in order to show your inspect and attention on the other and this romance dating.

Bad appearance
Some sugardaddy who are rich and some sugarbaby who are beautiful and young are not care about their apparel. This is a big prohibition. No matter how rich you are, no matter how beautiful and young you are, you should wear a good suit.

Remember these three prohibition about sugar daddy dating, you wiil have a impressive romance dating time and a good starting with your sugar-partner.